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Listen To Country-Listen To Self

Listen To Country-Listen To Self

I’m often asked “how can I turn off that little voice, ‘the chatterbox’ that tells me, all the bad things that will happen.”?

It’s a great question.

It’s at this point many people stop pursuing their dreams. Talked out of them by their ‘chatterbox’ or ‘head miles’ as I call them.

I refer to them as ‘head miles’ because it feels like you are just going around and around in your head – not getting anywhere! 

So tonight I wanted to share something I discovered on my travels. It’s kinda cool and works for me.  

When I was at Uluru or Ayers Rock, I visited an Indigenous Cultural Centre. One of the things I took away with me was the belief that for centuries, our Indigenous people have understood and practiced Mindfulness—living in the now, the self-help philosophy western society is embracing in search of health and happiness.

Whilst walking around Uluru I found and wrote down the following off a plaque which sums it up perfectly.

This is a good place to listen to country.

Take a minute to sit down, 

close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

Enjoy this moment.

Listen to the birds.

Can you hear water trickling?

Concentrate on the wind. 

Can you hear it? Feel it?

Kuniya is a strong woman, 

this place has a strong feeling.

I made a note to embrace ‘listen to country’ on my road trip. It is still something I do today.

I believe it is about finding a place away from all the “noise”.

Our daily lives are filled with so much “noise”. People telling us “do that, do this, don’t do that”, blah blah blah.

News and social media filled with doom and gloom statics. Something bad is happening to someone, somewhere. We end up overwhelmed and scared of just about everything, even ourselves. 

So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed and your mind is racing, or, flickering like a short film reel with uncertainty  and doubt I encourage you to find a quiet place and ‘listen to country’.

With practice you will soon begin to have a sense of ‘listening to self’. What do I mean?  You will begin to feel and in time trust your own gut instincts again. 

It is one of the things I love about motorcycling. I can put my helmet on, shut out all the “noise” and just listen to the sound of my own engine. Riding is my think tank. It is practicing mindfulness on two wheels.

I prefer to do road miles.

Our dreams and adventures are waiting for us- just up the road!

🙂 x

Heather Ward

Miss Heather Ward is an author, motorcyclist, travel blogger and motivational guest speaker. She uses her motorcycle and travel experiences to empower people with the courage to live life @ full throttle.Her book, speaking topics, workshops and stories are her tools to make shift happen. To motivate people to go out and do what makes them happy; create their own journeys and follow their own road maps.

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