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The Gears Program encourages participants to make shift happen, as they work through mental gears.

GEARS Program Overview

GEARS, a program designed to help participants break the cycle of unhealthy, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours by shifting through ‘Mental Gears’.

On completion the GEARS program will have empowered participants to better understand and manage experiences, challenges, adversity, situations and other people with compassion and acceptance.


I use motorcycling as a tool to empower people with the courage to live life @ full throttle. Meaning, pursue their goals and dreams.

GEARS is a metaphor for gaining life skills.  For example; perhaps you feel stuck in a rut – similar to sitting in neutral.

It’s not until you engage gears that you can begin to move forward.

In theory, gears are a series of consecutive steps that transmit power from one part of a machine to another. Changing gears does three things:

  • Increase power
  • Increase speed
  • Change directions

How does GEARS translate into life skills?

The GEARS program encourages participants to make shift happen, as they work through mental gears.

Increase Power

Increase your personal power by taking responsibility for your life and practicing forgiveness.

Gear 1 Responsibility – stop playing the blame game, understanding and managing head miles (negative chatter/limiting beliefs) and their triggers.

Gear 2 Forgiveness – understanding, the power of forgiveness will set you free. Releasing anger and resentment will benefit your overall health and wellbeing. You will also be a nicer person to be around, without an inner rage.

Increase Speed

When you stop focusing on what you don’t have – life begins to change for the better and quickly. Similarly when you unmask and begin to live authentically.

Gear 3 Gratitude – develop an attitude for gratitude.  Embrace an appreciation for what you do have.

Gear 4 Know Yourself and Create your own Gang – Unpack all the social conditioning and reconnect to you and your desires. Explore possibilities with curiosity rather than from a place of fear.

When you discover your true self, you will begin to attract like-minded people and be surrounded by a wonderful support network – your gang.

Change Directions

Sometimes on our journeys we realise we are going in the wrong direction. We determine which new route to take and change directions.

Gear 5 Visualisation reflect on where you have been: how far you have come. Focus on where you want to be going and create your own road map.

Gear 6 Awareness being aware of feelings, your surroundings and the people around you. Identifying the triggers quickly before they escalate. This may lead to discovering a particular GEAR has not been resolved, requiring further action – a change down through the GEARS to review and address any unresolved matters.


GEARS is a flexible program and can be delivered as the following;

Condensed, as an all-day program. Please allow a minimum of 6 hours for workshop content.

Two-day event. Please allow 4.5 hours each day for workshop content.

Alternately GEARS can be delivered as a 6 weeks program. Participants work on one GEAR per week. Please allow 2 hours for workshop content.

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