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Back On The Road-I Can Handle It

Back On The Road-I Can Handle It

Mr T is almost packed for road trip tomorrow.

I was going to go today. Thank goodness I didn’t. Widespread hot and dusty weather.

Feeling a mix of excitement and nervous energy. First solo trip towing Mr T since my accident. Going to ease myself into it. Body hasn’t been the best lately. A remedial massage today has done wonders.

Whatever arises I’ll handle it. I’ll have to aye lol Just happy to be back road tripping. Just like the good ole days.

New adventures start tomorrow morning! 🙂 x

Heather Ward

Miss Heather Ward is an author, motorcyclist, travel blogger and motivational guest speaker. She uses her motorcycle and travel experiences to empower people with the courage to live life @ full throttle.Her book, speaking topics, workshops and stories are her tools to make shift happen. To motivate people to go out and do what makes them happy; create their own journeys and follow their own road maps.

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