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Pssssst, looking for a great read? Come for a ride with me through the pages of my book ā€“ an entertaining memoir of my solo road trip around Australia on my Harley Davidson ā€“ Fat Bob.

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I found you an inspirational person and a motivator

Mr John McGuire

I found you an inspirational person and a motivator

Hello Miss H
Just finished the book. You were right about readers being a pillion passenger.
When I put down the book and reflected, I found you an inspirational person and a motivator.
I felt the bruises, the winds. I got wet, got sore arms, I got burnt. I blew red dust out of me. Saw plenty of sand, surf, bitumen. Plenty of hills, corners and gravel. Rainforests, sun flowers, wild life, holiday makers and the odd road train.
I ate scones, muffins and fruit. Drank coffee, the odd beer and plenty of water.
People gave me faith with their generosity.
I made lifelong friends. I got heartbroken but Iā€™m home now.
Until then I look forward to volume 2.
Just a great book

Libby Hogan

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