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Pssssst, looking for a great read? Come for a ride with me through the pages of my book – an entertaining memoir of my solo road trip around Australia on my Harley Davidson – Fat Bob.

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Gift that keeps giving

Gift that keeps giving

Miss Heather
I first read your book not long after your book launch when you personally delivered two copies to my and we enjoyed coffee and another chat at Thorne Street coffee shop. I sent the other Mr John.

I enjoyed the stories and felt the way it was written was as if you were reading me each chapter. I very rarely read and it is even more rare for me to finish a whole book but with FBATB (my name for book), I could not put it down.

Now whenever I see your posts parts of your writings flash back, it is truly the gift the keeps giving.

Keep on riding, keep on talkin keep on smiling and keep them stories comin.

Libby Hogan

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