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WorkShop Testimonials

I recommend this opportunity to anyone it presents itself too

I was very fortunate to experience 6 weeks of Miss Heathers GEARS program recently.

Boy did I learn some stuff about myself during this course.

I learnt to listen to myself, embrace myself and accept all that I am and all that I offer! I cried tears of sadness, tears of frustration and most importantly tears of joy and happiness. I recommend this opportunity to anyone it presents itself too – inspiring, enlightening and motivating! Go get ’em girls!

Thank you Miss Heather for helping me find my way through the GEARS of life 😊

Tammy M, Senior Caseworker
SHE – Sisters Housing Enterprises

Thanks for a wonderful experience

Thanks Miss H for a wonderful experience with the GEARS Program. Both staff and clients of Sisters Housing benefited from and loved the group.

On a personal level, it was thought provoking, gave insight to me and I loved the vision boards and the chance to be creative. It was great to get to meet “Fat Bob & Mr T”, I even had a chance to throw a leg over Fat Bob. I’m aiming high now.

I’m looking forward to working with Miss H again, she is so inspiring, and I love that I am now known as “Miss B”. Makes me feel years younger and has resurrected my childhood nickname.

Miss B, Manager
SHE – Sister Housing Enterprises

To say everyone was motivated would be an understatement.

wagga public school logo

Miss Heather is an amazing woman – strong, adventurous, experienced and caring. After the release of ‘Fat Bob and the Blonde’, I read with respect and admiration of her courage and down to earth logic on life with all its highs and hardships. 

I was lucky enough to meet Miss Heather through a colleague and to engage her to share her journey with our whole staff. To say everyone was motivated would be an understatement.

Conversations around the water cooler led to us engaging Miss Heather to run weekly workshops with our Senior School girls (Miss Heather’s girls). As we all know those pre-teen years can be a minefield of emotions and social reactions. Miss Heather developed her GEARS program aimed at just such issues and we were hooked.

During these workshops we have seen really strong, open and honest relationships develop, many of our students are speaking up about their own stories, and they are better able to deal with the ‘little’ things and are more confident in believing in themselves and accepting themselves and each other just the way they are.

Thank you to Miss Heather for joining our school community and for enriching the wellbeing of many.

Miss Leanne