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Pssssst, looking for a great read? Come for a ride with me through the pages of my book – an entertaining memoir of my solo road trip around Australia on my Harley Davidson – Fat Bob.

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Book Reviews

Gift that keeps giving

Miss Heather
I first read your book not long after your book launch when you personally delivered two copies to my and we enjoyed coffee and another chat at Thorne Street coffee shop. I sent the other Mr John.

I enjoyed the stories and felt the way it was written was as if you were reading me each chapter. I very rarely read and it is even more rare for me to finish a whole book but with FBATB (my name for book), I could not put it down.

Now whenever I see your posts parts of your writings flash back, it is truly the gift the keeps giving.

Keep on riding, keep on talkin keep on smiling and keep them stories comin.

Mr Darrin

How Wonderful, to be invited into someone’s life.

Mick Dennis

How Wonderful, to be invited into someone’s life. Not many of us are willing to be honest about our fears and vulnerabilities let alone write them down. Reading your words Heather is like sitting with an old friend. No awkward polite small talk. Just an easy and engaging style. I loved the short concise chapters capturing the days events with vivid descriptions. From a field of glorious wildflowers to sun drenched beaches, sinuous roads through rainforests and camping amongst road trains at a truck stop.

Riding vast western plains toward a shimmering horizon. The smell of the earth after rain. It’s all here from icons of a vast landscape to those little gems tucked away.

What a rig. A Fat Bob – Harley Davidson and an oversized (for a bike) camper trailer. Well you made it work, that’s no mean feat. Through the bull dust, corrugated roads, rain and city traffic. And all that so you had a decent bed at night. Lol

Like a good song people will take away different things from your book. For me your ability to connect with people throughout your travels made me think that we don’t “find” ourselves sitting on a mat crossed legged, chanting. We do it by getting out there facing challenges head on and connecting with others.

I loved it, thanks for sharing Heather and thanks for the inspiration.

Mr Mick Dennis
Coffs Harbour, NSW

Luv it – can you go around again please and write another one

Miss Mish Street

Trying not to read it toooo quickly! Not working!! What will I do when it’s finished? Maybe just read it again!
Luv it – can you go around again please and write another one 🙂

Miss Mish Street
Brunswick Heads NSW

Really really enjoyed the read.

Miss Tanya Wagga Wagga

Really really enjoyed the read. Didn’t get bored once! It will be my source book for places to see. Glad you put in the stuff at the end. I always wondered what happened. Plus it added to the underlying message of female independence and strength by riding away. Will sell well! Some of my non rider friends had followed your blogs too so will love it. Bet you feel accomplished! The trip and the book! Hope your leg heals quickly and you can get back into it now that the book is done.

Miss Tanya Maslin
Wagga Wagga NSW

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

Miss Suzy Nana

I enjoyed reading Fat Bob and The Blondes ‘Girl Torque’.
Miss H, ‘The Blonde’, tells of her solo travels around Australia, riding her beloved motorcycle, ‘Fat Bob’ and towing her home away from home, a camper trailer called ‘Mr T’
As a female motorcyclist, I am astounded at the guts and determination it took to accomplish the ride. The book is full of the wonderful places Miss H visited, along with a raft of characters and fabulous people that she met on the way. There were thrills and the spills that are told in such a way that you will need to hold your sides while laughing!
The book is an easy read, with short chapters, making it easy to put down and to pick up again, if you’re short on reading time.
You don’t have to be a motorcyclist to enjoy this book. It’s very relatable across all genders and genre.
I found it inspiring enough that I wanted to pick up and pack up my bike and hit the road!
Do yourself a favour and get yourself a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

Miss Suzy Unsworth
Nana Glen NSW

Enjoying the book in Israel!

fat bob and the blonde book

Enjoying the book in Israel! Well done, Heather Ward!

Miss Renee Buchman Tarablus and Miss Loretta Maimon
Kfarsaba Israel

Congratulations what a fabulous read – I have enjoyed every page

Miss Melita Simmonds

Hello Miss H

As you know I have been reading your book for nearly a year – allowing myself a chapter here and there on special occasions – not wanting my pillion passenger ride on Fat Bob to end. When I last put down your lovely book – I was up to Part 3 – Locked and Loaded on page 151.

This afternoon I was feeling unwell and very sorry for myself – so I thought I would treat myself a few chapters in your book. Well those few chapters became a thrilling ride to the end of your book!

Congratulations- what a fabulous read – I have enjoyed every page – from the savoured beginning to consuming the last third in an afternoon.

My cranky pants are off and I am feeling much better 🙂
Your book certainly has the healing touch!
Thank u for sharing your trip with us!!
I loved every word! Highly recommend to everyone for a great read!

Miss Melita Simmonds

Miss Melita Simmonds

For riders, retired riders, non-riders, anyone, this book leads you on adventure after adventure. 

fat bob and the blonde book

Thanks Miss H, I received my (signed! Yay) copy of Girl Torque and immediately devoured it!!!!

What an exciting journey around Australia, I felt like I was on the back seat seeing the views and meeting the people alongside you.

Having spoken to you via a mutual friend whilst you were on your journey, it was awesome to meet you in person and share part of your trip!

For riders, retired riders, non-riders, anyone, this book leads you on adventure after adventure.

History of little-known towns makes them exciting places to visit, my favourite parts are the “I might just camp over in this little spot. Or, I’ll just go down this track a little way”! And then meet the most amazing people or see an amazing view that could so easily have been missed.  This is living!

I look forward to your return trip and, hopefully another book, with more fun filled pages of the amazing adventures of Fatbob and the Blonde.

PS – You inspired me to get up and ride – given me the push to follow a dream and do a solo ride from WA to Tasmania (and back). I was amazed how simple life really can be, and how amazing life on the road is.

Miss Caz xx

Miss Caz
Bunbury WA

I found you an inspirational person and a motivator

Mr John McGuire

Hello Miss H
Just finished the book. You were right about readers being a pillion passenger.
When I put down the book and reflected, I found you an inspirational person and a motivator.
I felt the bruises, the winds. I got wet, got sore arms, I got burnt. I blew red dust out of me. Saw plenty of sand, surf, bitumen. Plenty of hills, corners and gravel. Rainforests, sun flowers, wild life, holiday makers and the odd road train.
I ate scones, muffins and fruit. Drank coffee, the odd beer and plenty of water.
People gave me faith with their generosity.
I made lifelong friends. I got heartbroken but I’m home now.
Until then I look forward to volume 2.
Just a great book

Mr John Macquire
Melbourne VIC

I really enjoyed it

Miss Caroline Lunnon

Hi Heather, I just finished reading your book. I really enjoyed it. I’ve loved reading your descriptions of some of the places I just travelled through on my own lap of Australia (well half of it). I’ve highlighted so many bits in your writing that mirror exactly my thoughts and feelings about my trip, and life in general to be honest. It’s been a good way to start processing it all 😁 Thanks for writing it 😍

Miss Caroline Lunnon