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The Trailer

When I seriously began to plan my nomadic adventures I visualised packing a tent, change of clothes, some basic cooking equipment, strapping down my swag and riding up the highway locked and loaded.

When a suggestion was made to tow a trailer I was mortified. I dismissed the idea immediately. ‘I’m not old enough to be a grey nomad – biker’ I said.

However a seed had been sown. Over the next few months I began to think about the length of time I could be away for and the extra gear I might need. I began to explore the idea of a trailer. Just a cargo one to carry my stuff.

Then practicality (I dislike that word at times) started to really set in. I began to think of repeatedly setting up and packing up camp. Leaky tents and wet gear. Sleeping on the ground. Getting up off the ground! I weakened. Suddenly I found myself googling camper trailers!

To cut a long story short I’ve ended up with a Cub Kamperoo – Junior. I unashamedly love it. The ease of it all. I can be off the bike and in the comfort of a room with a bed in under a minute. I kid you not.

Another great bonus is the trailer is a rolling billboard for FatBob and the Blonde. Wrapped in black matt vinyl and branded with my  logo it certainly stands out creates great interest. Thanks to the Dan and his team at Signs Plus in Wagga Wagga.

At times, I think towing the trailer will hinder my ride. I admit I like twisting that throttle on and I love the corners. But I just remind myself that I have plenty of time to take in the views. I’m in no rush to go anywhere. Besides I can always ditch the trailer and just go for a spurt around a base camp.

When you weigh it all up I have the best of both worlds.

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