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The Logo Design

My very cool logo was created by ID Scribe a designer from across the Tasman. We connected after I stumbled across 99 designs,  an online marketplace for graphic design. I liked ID Scribe’s style straight up. His tag line ‘writing your story into a logo’ was exactly what I was looking for. I contacted him and he agreed to design a logo for FatBob and the Blonde.

I emailed him through my story / brief and he delivered this awesome and  standout logo design. People have been amazed that someone, who has never met me managed to  capture my spirit in the ‘blonde’ so well.

There was  discussion around the fact that the logo doesn’t feature Fat Bob – Harley Davidson/Motorcycle. Perhaps it’s best I leave  it up to the man himself to offer an explanation into his design. Over to you Mr ID Scribe;

‘It is a nice standalone icon which gets away without even using a bike in the imagery. The Fatbob is in an industrial / engineered sort of font. The hat and the raised eyebrow suggest a little bit of a biker attitude and the lipstick amplifies the feminine side’.

So there you have it. In my opinion the man is a creative genius. He’s very clever and was a pleasure to work with. Check out his Facebook page ID .Scribe to see more  great designs.




  1. Totally awesome logo and text…suits you and what you are doing perfectly!

  2. thank you miss deb, appreciate your feed back and support.

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