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My Harley Davidson – 08 Fat Bob is more than just an engine, two wheels and loud pipes. He is testament to the ‘power of positive thinking’.

It wasn’t an easy path owning my own Harley Davidson. There were a few hurdles to overcome. But with a little grace a lot of grit and help from a couple of friends a dream came true. Every time I sit my butt on the seat I am reminded ‘where there is a will, there is a way’.

Symbolically, Fat Bob was also the first Harley Davidson I had ridden.

That first ride on an unsealed road was exhilarating. It was a good long stretch, thank god. It gave me time to work out how I was going to stop (déjà vu of my early riding days). It felt strange having my legs out on forward controls having always ridden sports bikes.

I worked it out by the time I was back on the main road. I pulled up loudly proclaiming ‘wow what a ride’. I’d had my first Harley Davidson experience and I was hooked. The love affair has continued ever since.

I love the look of my Fat Bob. I call him the beast- big, powerful and dark. I love the stripped down raw bobber style. The demin black adds to the old school look. Yea, it’s kick arse.

There’s a certain kind of confidence I get settling into Fat Bob’s seat. It’s my happy place.

Another one of my favourite quotes pretty much sums it up.

‘Four wheels moves the body, two wheels move the soul’

First road trip on FatBob – Melbourne bound!




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  1. Its made for you! You look part of it

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