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Locked and Loaded-Back on the Road

rule no 1 when towing – do a mmmm yeah, didn’t happen! I got as far as Ravenshoe before discovering the trailer plug had been dragging along the road. Lucky for me mr buzz had come for a ride and replaced it on the roadside. BIG thank you!

Didn’t take too many kms to realise I was no longer in the beautiful lush green atherton tablelands..barren dry landscape across the Savannah Way apart from the Newcastle Range with its rolling hills and wooded Savannah grasslands heading towards Georgetown. Great roads most of the way. In sections you think your on an airport runway-wide, straight and smooth bitumen. Suddenly the ‘runway’ disappears and your on a one lane track! Can be a bit tricky with on coming traffic.

I met up with the lovely miss Gerry and her husband Mark at the Mt Surprise roadhouse-reminded me a large part of travelling is about the great people you meet and the stories and laughter shared. Speaking of great people I had lovely camping neighbours last night miss denise and mr jack-she offered me a gin and tonic, how could I refuse hehehehe we ended up at the Georgetown golf club for a home cooked $10 lasagna with salad. Bargain-and no cooking or washing up!

Just easing myself back into life on the road.


image image image  Miss Gerry and Mr Mark


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  1. Hi Heather, just the four happy travellers you met in Dampier, thought I would see where you’re at lol Jan out of Jan Russ Susan and Garry oops we are now travelling to Ceduna if your interested

  2. Hello miss jan , lovely to hear from you all..I’m in dunsbough, heading off tomorrow towards Albany and Esperance, you’ve got ahead of me lol say hello to everyone for me .i still got the glasses lol

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