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Ladies Pleasure Ground!

cwa (country women’s association), wild river and ladies pleasure ground. all sounds a bit risqué aye! though the cwa doesn’t seem to fit the image. Or does it?

I came across a beautiful little park by the wild river in herberton, a pretty historic town located in the rugged hills above the atherton tablelands. an information board told the following story;

In 1933 the herberton cwa ladies took on the task of constructing a pool for the township. They persuaded their menfolk to lend a hand blasting some of the big boulders in the river bed, dig foundations and erect a concrete wall 100 feet long across the river.

The cwa organised a swimming carnival, gift stalls and a ‘garden of eden’ to celebrate the opening of the swimming pool.

The ladies had intended on calling it the CWA Ladies Pleasure Ground! – but somehow the name did not catch on. mmmmmm really! hehehe

I just love this story. the whole idea that the cwa – group of country women in conservative times came up with the name ‘ladies pleasure ground’ in the ‘wild river’. makes me smile.

perhaps this story is the true origin of 50 shades of grey hehehe

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