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Oooops I’ve Been Busted!!

I’ve been caught out!

A few weeks ago Miss Sonya, ABC Open Producer Riverina contacted me. She wanted to feature my blog as part of a new series she was putting together.

Great! What an exciting opportunity, right? Absolutely, except, well I have a confession. I’ve been very slack posting on my blog over the past few months.

So here I am, typing furiously on my keyboard to bring you up to speed.

Ok so I made it to Cairns on 31 July 2014.

I’d ridden approximately 6 477 km’s, that’s not including all the km’s riding around base camps along the way.

After settling into my new house sit job for three weeks in Cairns I began exploring the beautiful far north qld. I quickly discovered the region was amazing on so many levels. Heaven on a stick!

From a motorcyclist point of view, it’s biker’s paradise. Corners, lots of corners and the views make concentrating on the road almost impossible.

However reality hit and I needed to find a job to replenish funds.

And that’s how I got to call the stunning Atherton Tablelands home. After the past few months I’ve had a job change and a house move.

I’m now settled now in Kairi, a sleepy village slap bang in the middle of the Atherton tablelands most productive agricultural belt.

For the past 5 months I’ve been working for a local disability service.

Phew! Ok, so my fingers are smoking now, but we’re up to date.

Lately work commitments and the wet season have hampered riding and storytelling.

However the weather has started to fine up and I lighter work roster so I am looking forward to getting out and bringing you more stories. Something I really enjoy doing.

Watch this space!

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I’m free spirited by nature with a gypsy soul. I’ve never really been content to stay in the one place. There’s just too much to see and do in what really is a short life (when you think about it in the big picture). My mission is to experience as much as I can. To live not just exist. Growing up I always said I was going to be an old lady riding around on a Harley Davidson with purple rinse in my hair. So far one out of three isn’t bad. I’m taking a break, loading up the Fat Bob, hitching up ‘the trailer’ for some nomadic adventures around Australia. I’ve given away and sold off most of my possessions (a very liberating experience). The rest has gone into storage. Find Out More »

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  1. Awesome 😎 Keep on rolling, Blonde Gypsy 🙂

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