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nomadic adventures runs in the family

I’ve been enjoying the past few days hanging out with my grey nomad parents, ‘bob and barb’. They came up to Charters Towers while on their QLD travels to catch up with me.

We’ve been enjoying our reunion, warm weather and exploring Charters Towers.

Charters Towers was a boom town back in the early 1870’s after gold was discovered around Tower Hill. Today’s it’s main business is mining, cattle – export, education (it has a number of boarding schools).

The main street has beautiful restored buildings. I loved the old Stock Exchange with it’s arcade and mosaic floors.

Walking around the graves in the Pioneer Cemetery gives an insight into how hard life was in those early years. Children died at a very young age. Whole families died within a few years of each other. Not many people lived past forty.

Shame about the state of the Pioneer Cemetery. I think some one somewhere should set the wheels in motion to better take care of this historical treasure before it’s lost forever. Just saying!

We went out to see the mighty Burdekin River (4th largest Australian river by volume and it’s economic importance is second only to the Murray), though at the moment it’s very low. However you can see by the flood marker when it gets mighty it gets mighty.

Though 2009 is not the highest recorded flood level you can imagine the devastation 20.7 mts would have caused. It’s almost unimaginable that amount of water. It would have reached hundreds of km’s away.

Perhaps that’s what happened to the stranded ‘grumpy’ boat or maybe someone thought an ark might was needed.

A few more days here and I’ll be off to Cairns.



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