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‘Miss H, Queen of the Harleys’

 I’ve  always said ‘I just have to work out a way to earn a living out of riding motorcycles’.
A ‘position vacant’ notice caught my eye as I was walked past a community notice board on the way into the IGA – a fabulously well stocked and reasonably priced super market located in the Yulara shopping centre.
Uluru Motorcycle Tours
We require casual riders of our Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tours
If you have a full motorcycle licence and would like to be paid to ride a Harley contact Lance.
‘H’ endorsement required.
I figured I would qualify for the position 1/ I have a full motorcycle licence 2/ I ride a Harley and 3/ I’m already a ‘H’!!
 I rang the number and after a brief chat I went and metLance and checked out some of his toys.
I can see myself on the trike. I had visions of ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert ‘ or  ‘Miss H, Queen of the Harleys’
the big green machine - trike

the big green machine – trike

the ad that caught my eye

the ad that caught my eye

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