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Cultural Hit in Alice

 I enjoyed a ‘cultural hit’ when I visited the Old Alice Springs Gaol which also houses the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame. For $7 you get double the experience. I would have paid more, it’s well worth it.
I went through the old gaol first. I particularly enjoyed sitting and watching a video of an interview with a former matron at the gaol  for over three decades, Mrs Telka Williams. She spoke of gaol life. One could sense that Mrs Williams was a woman ahead of her time. She spoke kindly of the women she supervised. Rather than judge she initiated many craft activities and life skill programs to better equip them on their release. Many of the female inmates referred to the gaol as ‘home’.
The  National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame is located in the old canteen building and hosts ‘Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives’ exhibition. I thoroughly  enjoyed reading all the inspirational stories of ‘kick arse’ women. I particularly liked Catherine Gregson who was the first woman to drive a car around Australia. She did all her own maintenance. I got a giggle from Mona Minahan’s story. She was the first barmaid at a local Alice pub. Mona use to keep a stick behind the bar to sort out any men causing trouble.I left there with a spring in my step and walked around the corner to the visit The Flying Doctors. Having now seen a tiny piece of the out back I understand a little better how vital this wonderful service is. It has been and still remains the life line of the people who call the outback their home. I learnt the Flying Doctors not only provided help in medical emergencies but also gave people living in isolated communities social connectedness.

I went for a spin on Fat Bob  (he went faster now all the red dirt had been washed off) to pay my respect to John Flynn’s (the founder of the Flying Doctors) grave site, just on the edge of town.

 As it was a beautiful afternoon I  decided to keep going out to Simpson Gap. Again WOW. Beautiful place. Highlight was three cute little rock wallabies who came out onto the rocks to say hello. Can you pick them in the photo?
On went via Anzac Hill on the  way back to the caravan park.  As the photos show Alice sits in a ‘bowl’ right in the middle of the beautiful MacDonnell Ranges. 



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