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A Day at the Races. Will that be One Hump or Two?

What a hoot! The Alice Springs camel races lived up to all expectations. Entertainment plus. Good old fashion outback fun and hospitality.My favourite camel was no 13. He totally disgraced himself before the first race. He bolted during the opening parade. It was like ‘na I’m not having any of this thanks, I’m outa here see ya’. He was scratched lolEach race starts with the camels sitting. There are delays. Trying to get all the camels to sit all together at the same time can be a challenge.How the riders stay on while the camel gets to it’s feet takes talent. How the riders manage to stay on while these unpredictable animals gallop full pace around the dirt track is beyond me. It looks one hell of a bumpy ride and i’m not convinced any rider has control of his/her camel during the race. I suspect it might be a case of hang on tight and hope for the best.

The honey moon race was highly entertaining. The camels and their riders begin the race from the standard sitting start, race at full gallop, stop half way around the track, sit down  again to pick up his/her bride/groom before getting back up again and taking off for the finish line. Hilarious!
A great day at the races with miss laura, who I met in Coober Pedy along with another couple, miss Jan and mr Geoff. We had a great time.I had to take a pic of miss pam and mr George, clear winners in the best dressed.


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