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Fat Bob wobbled, Mr T jived from side to side – but the lemon jelly stole the show!

I put in a good days ride (540km) to Alice Springs.

Before I left Uluru I took an early morning ride out to Kata Tjuta – Olgas.

45km of smooth bitumen and bends. The Olgas out in front, Uluru in the mirrors, not a bad way to start the day.

Unfortunately my phone went flat (bad planning – grrrrr). Only a couple of photos (sorry).

After parking Fat Bob in the foreground of the magnificent Olgas I began to walk up the stoney track through bush land to the first lookout in the ‘Valley of the Winds’. Again, spectacular rock formations. The geological mastery of these ancient lands continues to blow my mind.

The Valley of the Winds is appropriately named. It is windy.

About half way up on the 2km walk I stopped, closed my eyes, stood still and ‘listened to country’. Just as the traditional land owners encourage.

I could hear the different wind cycles. Three distinctive sounds of nature swirling around. I pictured small whirlpools each with a unique tone as they passed through and around different objects on the landscape. I felt the winds brush my face as I tuned in to the various bird life singing.

I arrived back at the red dirt camp site very relaxed. I hooked up the trailer and headed off for Alice Springs.

Shortly after leaving Uluru the winds began to pick up. I got a great upper body workout for most of the ride.

Red sand blew onto and swirled across the black road, creating abstract patterns before blowing off again. Sand peppered my visor from time to time. A sand storm began to form on the horizon.

The cross winds increased and I got a front end wobble (like the death wobbles we got as kids on push bikes) on Fat Bob as I came over a small rise. I checked the mirrors to see Mr T was doing a little jive from side to side. This can’t be good I thought as a back off the throttle. The bike and trailer soon settled and I continued at a slower pace.

I passed Mt Conner. When I say ‘I passed’ Mt Connor, it was still a long way off in the distance. I’ve  heard tourists have thought  its Uluru. It is massive but it hasn’t the distinctive ‘post card’ look.

The winds settled after Eldundra and I enjoyed beautiful views riding  through the MacDonnell Ranges to Alice Springs. Unfortunately not to many places to pull over for photos.

I didn’t cross one river or creek with water in it, just sandy beds.

I arrived in Alice Springs a little tired but with a sense of achievement and great biceps.

I booked into the same caravan park as Miss Lia and Miss Barb (two lovely ladies I met in the Eldundra caravan park on my stop over before heading out to Uluru).

They greeted me on arrival along with their friend Rhonda.

I was invited for dinner (spoilt again) – apricot chicken and an amazing lemon jelly with fresh strawberries and blue berries. Sure beat my bush tucker.

After a big day’s riding I was very grateful for the wonderful hospitality.



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