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The magic of Uluru

Uluru is pretty special. It certainly has a physical presence – a giant on the landscape, very majestic.
The huge sandstone icon is magnetic from the first sighting off in the distance as you ride/drive along the Lasseter Highway. I found myself wanting to see it again and again. My eyes searched towards the horizon each time I came over a crest or round a bend. Uluru seems to tease you as it disappears and reappears aided and abetted by the red sand dunes.
I was eager to get out and see Uluru once I’d arrived at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort Campground. I set up camp quickly in the red dirt in the over fill camp area. (The overfill accommodates travellers when the resort camping areas are booked out. There is no power but you have access to a toilet and shower block located close by. It cost me $10 per night – bargain) I rode the 8km to the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park entrance where I bought my 3 day pass at a cost of $25 per adult.
As I rode the remaining 10km out to Uluru I was in absolute awe of it’s size and beauty. Suddenly there it is. Right in front of you. I said ‘wow’ out loud quite a few times in my helmet. The road is  a little windy too which adds to the event for a biker. I felt so small, the closer I came. At 348m it towers over you and everything else on the landscape.
Amazingly I had the road to myself. That first ride around Uluru in the late afternoon enjoying it’s awesomeness  while listening to the gentle rumble of Fat Bob will be one I  remember for a long time.
There is something spiritual about Uluru.
With sunset not too far off I decided to beat the crowds and find the perfect spot. I positioned myself next to a guy with camera gear all set up. I figured he must know what he was doing.  The time past quickly as we got chatting and other travellers joined in as they arrived.
The sunset was amazing and well worth the wait. Colour changes are subtle at first before quickening to what seems like every few seconds until suddenly the rock is vibrant red.
The sky forms a perfect back drop and compliments Uluru’s  changing tones with shades of lilac and blues. Beautiful.

It is a spectacular show by the spirit of the land.


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