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Cycle Travellers

Since leaving Port Douglas I had on a couple of occasions past two lots of cyclists. A couple and a guy riding a Recumbent Cycle on his own.

I was surprised to see cyclists  out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a long trip up the Stuart Highway and these guys were under pedal power. Exposed to all the elements.

I was curious to hear their stories but on each occasion I had no where to pull over so I had to be content with giving them a big wave each time I passed them.

About 100km from Kulgera NT I came upon them again. First the couple and a further 200 metres up the road was the recumbent cyclist. This time I was able to pull over for a chat and ask why?

Darren was the rider of the recumbent cycle. His story is; married with kids.  Just wanted to do it. Plans on riding from Adelaide to Darwin via Uluru. Darren aims to ride 100km a day. He works in a copper mine at Kanmatoo in South Australia and took 6 weeks off too make the journey. Darren said he very lucky to have an understanding and supportive wife who told him go do it.

20140705_104455 (2)

During my conversation with Darren the other two cyclist arrived. They were Alia and Simon Parker from Cycle Travellers. They’re  mapping out the ride along the Stuart Highway for their online cycle touring portal.  Check out their web site http://cycletraveller.com.au for their complete story.

20140705_104911 (2)

I was really thrilled to finally met these guys. They were great people. Friendly, positive and keen to chat. We shared stories by the side of the road.

I can’t even begin to imagine cycling the distances they were planning.  When they all pulled over no one seemed to be out of breathe, a miracle in itself.  I’d have needed an oxygen tank.

I got back on my two wheels, with a big fat engine under me and gave them a wave as I rode off.  I watched in my mirrors as they pushed off again with pedal power.

Inspiring people.


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