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The burgers are BIGGER in the NT

I’m in the big Northern Territory  woop woop!
Enjoyed a great day’s riding. Met some amazing cyclists out on the road (more about that later).
130km speed limit – I’m in heaven! though a little quick to be towing.
I had a pit stop at Kulgera for fuel and coffee. I joined Barry and Snow a couple of old mates travelling back home to Port Augusta from Alice Springs. They were waiting for hamburgers. Like everything else in the NT the burgers were huge when they arrived. Barry said they were delicious too as he wiped the sauce off his chin.
Franz  and Raffael introduced themselves as I walked back over to Fat Bob. Friends from  Switzerland. They’d been travelling for a few months spending most of their time off the beaten track. Franz joked about the amount of flies they had hanging around them. They hadn’t showered for days.
We got talking about travelling and motorcycling. Turns out Franz is a biker too. He rides a Suzuki GSX 1400 when he’s home in Switzerland. Franz went on to describe some of the amazing roads to ride up in the Alps. One of his favourites has 35km of S bends. Jealous muchly!
He went onto say “riders are always checking under other motorcyclists foot pegs. “If the pegs are not scuffed up from scraping them in the corners then they’re not a real motorcyclist” he laughed. We said our good byes and I headed back out onto the highway.
I arrived at Erldunda Caravan Park a short time later and got help off ‘Team Mr T’ setting up on some very uneven ground.
Miss Lia and Miss Barb welcomed me with a lovely cup of coffee and a ‘chunk’ of yummy homemade fruit cake (this is getting embarrassing)…we spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the sun chatting.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful experiencesand for all the kind and generous people I’m meeting. I have to say I am one very happy lady. Life is damn good!

PS: there were ninja’s in the park 🙂


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I’m free spirited by nature with a gypsy soul. I’ve never really been content to stay in the one place. There’s just too much to see and do in what really is a short life (when you think about it in the big picture). My mission is to experience as much as I can. To live not just exist. Growing up I always said I was going to be an old lady riding around on a Harley Davidson with purple rinse in my hair. So far one out of three isn’t bad. I’m taking a break, loading up the Fat Bob, hitching up ‘the trailer’ for some nomadic adventures around Australia. I’ve given away and sold off most of my possessions (a very liberating experience). The rest has gone into storage. Find Out More »


  1. Hi H,
    had a lot of fun with your post. I am Franz (the blonde) from Switzerland. Travelling now from Switzerland to Austria on this beautiful Mountainstreets, 1000 s-bends. Hope you are well and still on the road.Photos will be coming soon
    have an awesome Day, all the Best
    Franz from Switzerland

    • hey Franz. Wonderful to hear from you! Glad you liked the post. Wow 1000 s bends. I couldn’t find the name of the road you were telling me about. My spelling hehehe But I have finally found s bends too on the Gillies Highway in Cairns. It’s great and I needed to wear off some outer rubber off Fat Bob’s tyres . I’m so happy to hear from you and to know you are well. Yes please send some pics soon and keep in touch.
      Have a fabulous day yourself and have fun 🙂

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