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Taste Buds Doing the Happy Dance

I was riding today along a very busy South Road in West Hindmarsh when I noticed a tired looking old building set back off the road. As I passed by I caught two words on a sign. ‘Afghan Cuisine’. I love Middle Eastern food. Intrigued I turned around and went back.

Glad I did. What a find.

The Afghan Cuisine and Charcoal House doesn’t look much from the outside. Picture a small old road house plonked on the side of a very busy Adelaide road.

But as I took my helmet off the aroma of an authentic charcoal grill and exotic spices suggested this was no ordinary road house.

The décor inside was basic. Tiled floor, dark timber lamented tables and red plastic chairs. However what if lacked in style it certainly made up for in food.

I ordered a chicken and rice dish for $10. To say the food was value for money is an understatement. One word, WOW!

Half a succulent (lick your fingers good) chicken which had been marinated in a wonderful blend of traditional spices. A generous serve of kabuli rice – topped with raisins and julienned carrots, salad and two sauces, one a tangy chilli the other a yoghurt with mint.

The meal was to die for. My taste buds did the happy dance.

The Charcoal House is owned by four friends, Mohammad, Sajjad, Rajab and Khadim. These welcoming and humble men pride themselves on cooking traditional food offering their diners an authentic Afghan experience.

Loved everything about this little place.

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