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Miss Iron Butt

I met miss margaret when she pulled in on her BMW GS 1200  at the Mobile service station in Hay.

I’d just walked around the corner after parking Fat Bob and Mr T when I noticed a big bike all loaded up with gear at the petrol bowser. Then I realised the rider was female.

I wandered over and introduced myself, before asking if I could take her photo. We had a brief chat about each others bikes, destinations etc. She handed me a business card which read ‘ beemerbird’.

I let her  refuel and went off into the truck stop in search of a hot drink. It was a cold evening and I needed to warm up after my ride.

Shortly afterwards miss margaret joined me and we continued with our conversation. I was to discover what an amazing women she is.

She’s been riding motorcycles all around the world for years and now rides in Iron Butt challenges. Some days miss margaret will ride 1500km and she has been known to ride 2500 in a day! I don’t know about Iron Butt, but I’d call that a Sore Butt.

Miss margaret is heading to America next year. She plans to do more riding overseas again before she gets too old.

I watched in amazement as she got herself ready for the night ride across into South Australia. She still had another 500km to ride until she reached her final destination.

As she walked towards the door miss margaret turned and said, I’ll be 65 tomorrow. My jaw nearly head the floor.

Intrigued with this woman I followed her out the door, waited while she got on her motorcycle and waved her off. I stood and watched as she rode off into the night.

I wish I could have spent more time with such an inspirational woman. She has a web site www.ridingtoextremes.com but admits it hasn’t been updated since 2011.

Ride safe miss margaret and I hope you had a very Happy Birthday. I’m sure she would have spent it doing what she loves most. Riding.

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