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I’ll fill your harley…and give you a stubby holder

Sometimes annoying things lead to nice experiences.

I rode through Euston today thinking I had enough fuel  to get to Mildura. However about 10km’s out I wasn’t so sure. Annoyed at myself  I turned around and headed back into Euston.

I found a small independent service station and pulled up at the bowser. As I got off the bike I noticed a man standing there  fuel pump ready  in his hand. Surprised I said ‘wow this is great customer service, your keeping me in the manner I’m unaccustomed too’. He laughed and asked if he could fill Fat Bob. I said ‘sure, that would be nice’.

He seemed surprised. While carefully filling the tank he told me most bikers liked to fill their own bikes because they don’t want someone spilling fuel on them. I laughed and said, ‘I’ve spilt enough fuel over it myself so go right ahead’. Besides I was enjoying my princess moment.

We got chatting and he introduced himself as mr col. I asked if I could take his photo for my blog which he seemed rather chuffed about.

I followed him into his small counter area to pay. Mr col disappeared out the back, shouting ‘I’ll be back in a minute’. When he returned he handed me a brand new stubbie holder. Smiling he said, ‘I only give these out to the nice customers’. I was so touched by his thoughtful gesture.

He went on to explain  he’d just had his stubbie holders redesigned and took great pride in showing me the finished product. He was particularly keen to point out the ‘& shitloads more’ at the bottom of the list of available products he offered. We had a giggle about that.

As I rode out of Euston for the second time I thought, if I hadn’t of had to go back for fuel, I would have missed out on  meeting mr col.  A happy, thoughtful and proud business man who enjoys offering good old fashion customer service.


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