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The Trailer – locked and loaded

The Trailer has under gone quite a transformation over the past few weeks. It’s definitely a rolling billboard now thanks to Dan and his team at  Signs Plus here in Wagga Wagga.

There’s been a few modifications. A smaller cargo box has been mounted on the front. A big help when you’re trying to keep the weight down. The spare tyre has been fixed to the top of the trailer, freeing up space. A water storage unit has been added underneath the trailer. An option if I go off the beaten track and free camp for a while. An additional storage box has also been built in under my mattress.

A Spinxfex solar panel has been mounted on the lid of the cargo box. The kit comes with a pair of chargeable lights, leads and several adaptors to charge mobiles, tablets, iPods etc. Fingers crossed this was a good buy.

The all-important cull of unnecessary stuff has taken place and the ‘right spot found for everything else . A portable gas stove, cook ware, jack, tarp, rope and a few bits and pieces in the cargo box. Tents poles, light weight table and chair inside on top of the bed.

I’ve added in a bit of styling (of course) with new bed sheets, pillows and covers. My clothes, tools etc I’ll carry on the bike. Things could get moved around but that’s the plan I’m heading off with.

My dad (also a Bob) has been a great help. He’s a clever man, as most old farmers are (I checked and he’s not insulted by the ‘old’ farmer bit). Amongst all the other things listed above he’s also designed, built and attached a jockey wheel. This makes unhitching and maneuvering the trailer around much easier.

Bob and Barb (my mum) have plenty of grey nomad experience to pass on. Since 2000 they’ve been travelling away, escaping the Wagga Wagga winters in their caravan ‘Roma’.

Me, well I’m a grey nomad in training. Looking forward to my ‘reverse retirement’. With the government over the past few days talking about raising the retirement age to 70 years,  I don’t want to wait that long to hit the road.  Besides anything could happen between now and then. I’d rather ride now and work later.

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I’m free spirited by nature with a gypsy soul. I’ve never really been content to stay in the one place. There’s just too much to see and do in what really is a short life (when you think about it in the big picture). My mission is to experience as much as I can. To live not just exist. Growing up I always said I was going to be an old lady riding around on a Harley Davidson with purple rinse in my hair. So far one out of three isn’t bad. I’m taking a break, loading up the Fat Bob, hitching up ‘the trailer’ for some nomadic adventures around Australia. I’ve given away and sold off most of my possessions (a very liberating experience). The rest has gone into storage. Find Out More »

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